[Donald Barthelme]

Ashley picks me up in one of the two red BMWs her mother gave her for her birthday. Sheís wearing sunglasses and a Wheat Chex T-shirt and tight jeans and says that DataLife will be at Pabloís tonight and do I want to go. Iím doing a line of coke off the rearview mirror as she drives and itís sort of tricky and I doesnít answer her.

"Or we could go to Brickís party," she says. Centipede is suppose to be there. The `rents are in Gstaad or somewhere."

Iím feeling just sort of totally ill because Iím only eighteen and I spent the night before playing Old Maid with Kimberley and Griff and it was totally exhausting. We stop at Fanfare and the valet guy takes the car and nods at Ashley and he looks like some guy Iíd seen at Oliverís house in Bel Air the night Oliver ODíd, tan with short hair, but Ashley apparently doesnít know him and we go in and sit down and they give us these big leather menues. The menu is too heavy to lift and I decide that Iím not all that hungry and Ashley sticks her tumb in her mouth and orders the crabsalad.

"Tiffanyís back at Cedars-Sinai," Ashley says, "and so are Wingate and Pembroke and Pierce. Iíll probaly go see them, maybe next week or something. Want to come?"

Iím thinking about doing my laps which I havenít done for two days and also about my dealer, Ti-Ti, who was supposed to meet me at Sunflower for breakfast but didnít show, and also about how I have to get some tanning oil, and this line fron Stax, "Canít we have more debris?," is going through my head and Iím very tense because I have to have dinner with my father tonight and Iím afraid heíll bring this really large amount of money and give it to me in one of those pretty expensive kangeroo-hide Dopp kits that he uses to carry money in, right in front of everybody at Chasenís where they probably be all these old guys talking about deals and coming over to our table to say helo to my father.

Donald Barthelmes parodi på Ellisí første roman ble første gang publisert i The New Yorker, sommeren 1986, signert William White. Tittelen er More Zero. A novel of Los Anomies. Hele teksten står i Donald Barthelme, The Teachings of Don B. (1992).