[Patrick Bateman]

The three of us, Todd Hamlin and George Reeves and myself, are sitting in Harryís and itís a little after six. Hamlin is wearing a suit by Lubiam, a great-looking striped spread-collar cotton shirt from Burberry, a silk tie by Resikeio and a belt from Ralph Lauren. Reeves is wearing six-button double-breasted suit by Christian Dior, a cotton shirt, a patterned silk tie by Clairbone, perforated cap-toe leather lace-ups by Allen-Edmonds, a cotten handkerchief in his pocket, probably from Brooks Brothers; sunglasses from Lafont Paris lie on a napkin by his drink and a fairly nice attaché case from T. Anthony rests on an empty chair by our table. Iím wearing a two-button single-breasted chalk-striped wool-flannel suit, a multicolored candy-striped cotton shirt and a silk pocket square, all by Patrick Aubert, a polka-dot silk tie by Bill Blass and clear prescription eyeglasses with frames by Lafont Paris. One of our CD Walkman headsets lies in the middle of the table surrounded by drinks and a calculator. Reeves and Hamlinleft the office early today for facials somewhere and they both look good, faces pink but tan, hair short and slick back. The Patty Winters Show this morning was about Real-Life Rambos.

Fra American Psycho