[den blir på en måte en film]

A shot of Scotch tape being applied with rubber gloves to a white metal canister. This shot -- with the camera slowly pulling back -- is intercut with one of me taking a shower, slowly soaping my chest, my legs, the camera gliding gratuitously up over my ass, water cascading down the flexing muscles in my back. Another shot of the thick metal canister sitting on a Hans Wegner ottoman. A quick montage of my character dressing -- slipping on Calvin Klein boxer-jockeys, a lime-green Prada turtleneck, a Yohji Yamamoto suit with close-up of the label for audience’s gratification. A close-up of my face, a hand entering the frame to slip on a pair of Ray-Bans (an instance of well-paid product placement). Another close-up: a Xanax tablet placed on my tounge, a bottle of Volvic water tilted toward my lips. A shot of the gas canister being packed into a Louis Vuitton tote bag.

Fra Glamorama